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The Company delivers Project Management or Interim ICT Management through experienced and professionally qualified consultants who will meet your business needs for either long, medium or short term requirements.

We can offer ICT related services as required, and we take pride in continually exceeding the expectations of both our clients and their users.

Our client roles page indicates the type of work carried out for our customers in the past.

Project Management
Di-Graf's Project Managers will produce realistic, detailed project plans utilising Microsoft Project to Prince2 standards. Using accepted risk management techniques, we will estimate the tasks required to high levels of confidence. We have the leadership skills needed to run, plan and schedule your projects, within budget, whilst keeping you - the project sponsor or SRO - fully informed and in command throughout the project lifecycle.

Interim ICT Management

Di-Graf's management style is readily accepted by teams as they are led by hard working example. Individuals are encouraged to become involved and to strive to match our high standards, and we generally find that they are willing to follow this lead by choice. By creating a well balanced work team, with specific measurable goals, our managers not only deal with the identified tasks, but also encourage individuals to higher levels of commitment and achievement. This leaves clients with a legacy of improved relationships, both within the team itself, and also with management and their customers.

Reference sites

We are confident that any of our current or previous clients would be pleased to provide references to confirm the high standards that we achieve, but we would wish to respect their privacy by not publishing details here. 

If you require further information to be able to liaise with any particular client representative, please let us know when we will be pleased to provide you with their identity and preferred means of contact.

Please contact us initially for any references you may require, when we will be pleased to provide further details. 

Roles summary

Di-Graf ICT Services Ltd have worked with a number of Companies and Organisations to improve their ICT service delivery.


Both project management and interim ICT management roles have been delivered to our clients in the past.  These have included :-


Birmingham City Council

•Becta & the DCSF

•Warwickshire County Council

•Sefton Metropolitan Borough

•Wiltshire County Council

•Chiltern Leisure Trust


Details of the particular projects undertaken may be viewed by clicking  here